Faiz ul Mawaid al Burhaniyah…

FMB na maajiz ni ghani zikr thae. Ghana logo ye pota na dil ni waat kidi. Mein faqt itnu likhis ke:
Burhanuddin Moula RA aksar waaz ma farmawta
“Aye Mara piyara farzando Mei tamne ghani mohabbat karon chu…”
Jim ek Ma ne potana farzando ni jaman fikr hoe, em Moula RA ye fikr Kari ne Faiz jari kido, ke koi Mumin kabhi jaman ni fikr na rahe.
Chahe kewa bhi muze ma hoe, Moula RA nu ye mojezoo har jaga jari che. Andhi hoe, tufaan hoe, sakht barish ke taqiyat. FMB Moula ni mohabbat ni woh nehr che je hameshe jari rahse. Ameen.
Khuda aa NEHR ni barakat ne jari karnar Moula RA per salam perhjo ane aapna farzand, hamara Moula, Aali Qadr (t.u.s) ni Umre Shariff ne ta roze qayamat daraz ane daraz karjo. Ameen.

Life as a Mother..

Such a cliche topic yet so diverse. For me my life as mother wasn’t too tough till I decided to homeschool my kids for a year. Too bad, I know!

Hmm why we (me and my better half) decided to do so is a long story. We were convinced that we will pull it gracefully but no no no, especially when one of your child is turning 13. And your eldest and youngest are 8 years apart. The middle child has his own dilemma. Poor baby!
I always thought why parents are always (there are few contented parents too, though I haven’t met any) complaining about their teens. Only a person facing the real situation can relate. Night mare throughout the day! Ya ya am being too mean but wait till you reach there.
It’s been 11 years since my elder one stayed with me at home throughout 24 hours. Even though its nerve wracking and haunting but is an extra ordinary experience in itself. Observing them growing. Accepting siblings as they are, protecting them without letting them know(Ego, you know!). Fighting with their own fears. Phase of denial. And the future dreams blooming in their eyes. All in all it’s worth an exertion of of few months.
Motherhood is definitely a blessing. Am sure will miss the feel of being this close with my kids in the years to come.

The intruders in my life

It was decided when I was born

I will be conquered by one
I may live or not that long
But it was decided when I was born
I was tamed and polished accordingly
As a piece of craft before exhibiting
That was LOVE
My creators said
Unknowingly what life will hold
It was decided when I was born
I was burdened when turned 20
Oh! Not yet committed
That’s so shame
My ambitions dreams all in vain
Cause It was decided when I was born
Generation gap was an excuse
Not to let out your thoughts
Depression term wasn’t much known
Seppression suffocation
Was common for all
HE was forced to be a breadwinner
SHE was forced to a homemaker
That’s how thoughts were mould
My life was decided when I was born
Few years later an Angel came
Started holding my finger
With love and fear
I hold her tight and calm her down
I whisper her good luck every now n then
I assure her she has wings
To fly as high as she could
To be the best of Human alive
Cause nothing was decided when she was born!!!


“They are coming, they are coming”, Oh! Not again.

Have you ever been in fear of a person, even though they are not around?

Well all of us have whether we accept it or not or should I put it we anticipate or not!

Bholu have this fear as well. He is afraid of bearded turban wearing men with Kalashnikov and white smiling faces. He can’t judge whether those beards are real or not, neither he have idea of what their turbans symbolizes. There are times when I tried to convince him that they are of no harm but mainly it is the Kalashnikov he is afraid of.

I asked him whats the wrong with white men? As he explain his nightmares. They are nice looking, sophisticated and educated. His eyes goes wider as wider that one can actually see the vein of his eyes. And his answer is “It is their Smile”.